Able to render links generated from Dataview

Not sure this feature-request should be on dataview or graphview…

Scenario: I have a MOC that has a dataview query that generate few links

WHERE catagories= "obsidian-howto"
SORT chapter ASC

The result looks like this


Notice the Dataview links does not show on GraphView.

Describe the solution you’d like
Possible some integration with Dataview plugin? Right now for the links to show on Graphview i need to explicitely re-write the links on the page.

This can be very tedious and redundant work.

Additional context
Wish this can be implemented to bring some automation inside of Obsidian work flow. Or else everything from organization, linking, tagging all feels so manual operated. With this feature will definently improve speed of linking assocaited documentes together.

Thank you