Ability to set global graph depth on top of filters

Use case or problem

Sometimes you are tracking the networks of multiple concepts. You have them all tagged as concepts and within each of the concept tagged notes you have links to various examples of those concepts. You do not have the example notes tagged as concepts. You now would like to look at the interconnections and try to do some consolidation. However, opening multiple local graphs doesn’t quite cut it.

Proposed solution

If you could just define the concepts tag as a filter in the global graph and then apply a depth setting on top of that filter, you would be able to quickly isolate what you want to see in a way that takes advantage of the graph in a way that comparing link lists between multiple concept notes does not quite accomplish. The graph quickly shows you the multiple concepts that link to the various example notes and you can decide how you want to remove duplicity whether it be editing out aspects of one note and creating a new note specifically for those aspects or simply choosing one or another.

Sometimes it is easy to overdevelop connections when the delineation between categories is not absolute. Being able to unlink easily should be treated with as much attention as linking easily.

Current workaround (optional)

I have developed some automated ways to add and remove tags that were designed specifically for this filtering. If there were ability to automatically remove tags throughout vault, life would be easier. I guess it is time I adopt the mass search and replace technique, and simply leave the replace field empty.

Related feature requests (optional)

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