Ability to select font weight/style in Settings for UI, Text, Monospace

Use case or problem

I really appreciate the ability to select custom UI and Text fonts and would like to see a little more control over weight and style at the core without using CSS.

Proposed solution

We currently have a search/add interface to the list of fonts for the UI and Text (also Monospace applies here too of course), so it would be nice to not only select the font, but the exact weight you want. Style is less necessary but weight I feel should be a given. Possibly with the ability to select weight of normal and bold text.

Current workaround (optional)

No using workarounds, just accepting what exists at this time.


Using Minimal Theme Settings is fine, but I hope it would come with the core too. +1

Iā€™d also add defining custom colors as well, and for each markdown header as well as body text.