Ability to select and copy text from Backlinks Pane

I have gotten in the habit of repeatedly taking a screen shot snip of the visible part of the backlinks list then pasting in Acrobat, doing a text recognition, then pasting in word processor, then pasting in a spreadsheet and appending brackets before and after all items in list, then pasting back into Obsidian.

I would really appreciate a way to just copy the back links list. It would be especially nice if there was a way to make each entire back link note visible within this list.

It seem strange, because it is possible to copy and paste search results. Thanks for your help. Is there something I am missing?

Just found the post about full transclusion of backlinks, but still feel this is a separate request. Sorry, if I screwed this post up. I think it’s time I do the forum tutorial to improve my interaction skills.


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