Ability to see, within desktop read/edit view, whether or not a note is currently public via Obsidian Publish

Use case or problem

I have ~2k notes unpublished in my vault, and I’m beginning to use Obsidian Publish to make some of them visible on the web (here).

Currently, when I’m reading or editing in my normal desktop workflow, there’s no way to easily see, for any given note, whether or not that note is currently published.

Proposed solution

In the menu bar for each note, to the left of the icon for read/edit toggle,

  • if the note is currently not published, show nothing
  • if the note is currently published and unchanged, show the Publish icon (the little triangle paper airplane thing) uncolored
  • if the note is currently published and changed, show the Publish icon and color it orange

Current workaround (optional)

Currently if I want to find out I can either

  • go to my published site on the web and look for the note there
  • open up the Publish menu and search for the note