Ability to safely move linked image files outside vault

It would be nice to be able to lighten my vault for quicker and more efficient backups by occasionally migrating linked image files outside of vault while retaining working links to those images. It would also be nice so that these files that may be getting regularly edited in external programs could stay within their project folders and be more easily accessible.


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I’ve had this issue as well! Good idea

Thank you.

I just thought of this idea…

In your vault, if you keep all images and image folders within a single top folder within your vault root, and the rest of your notes and note folders of your vault within another top level folder, you can quickly backup all but the single top image folder to the matching properly dated version of a set of already named empty folders with the name of your vault name followed by a date.

Then you can just backup that large image folder once and move it to your most recent backup vault folder each time. And if you had some new images that you wanted to make sure they were backed up you could copy and paste them into their proper location and choose to not replace duplicates if you accidentally copied some.

In terms of preemptively creating the folders, even as a beginner with macro scripts, I think it would be pretty it easy to create an AutoHotkey script that uses a loop and the a_index variable to move through a list of folders and incrementally rename them with your vault name followed by upcoming dates.

Someone on here could probably tell you a much easier way. Of course you could just select a bunch of empty folders, and rename them with your vault name and let Windows increment the name. With this technique you could just put your first backup in vault 001, then second in vault 002 and so on and keep it sorted by date modified.

I hope this helps. Good luck.