Ability to remove accidentally created cursor in multiple cursor mode

It would be great if, while in multiple cursor mode, you could click on a cursor you made erroneously to remove only that cursor.

While in multiple cursor mode (holding down the option key on a Mac), multiple cursors can be created by clicking multiple times. However, if a cursor was accidentally created in an undesired location, the only way I know of to rectify this is to click while not holding down the option key; the problem with this approach is that I then have to start creating multiple cursors again from scratch.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe this functionality is possible in apps like Atom, PyCharm, and Visual Studio Code, just in case someone wanted to get an idea of what I’m describing.

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Placing a cursor incorrectly and having to start again can be excruciating.

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alt-clik on it again.

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