Ability to pin vaults to taskbar similarily to Chrome profiles

Use case or problem

Currently, Obsidian’s behavior wrt multiple vaults is somewhat inconsistent. If you have it pinned to the taskbar, when you boot it, it opens the vault that was last open let’s say Vault 1. If you now open a second one, it opens in a new taskbar icon. This is fine, but the behavior is inconsistent: If you close Vault 1 and open it again, Vault 1 doesn’t open in the pinned Obsidian icon, but as a second window of the temporary icon Vault 2’s window lives in.

Proposed solution

Treat Obsidian Vaults somewhat like Chrome browser profiles: They have their own, consistent desktop/taskbar icons which can be pinned to the taskbar, and a vault’s windows live in that taskbar icon.

Alternatively, have all Obsidian windows live in the same, pinned taskbar icon.