Ability to freeze parts of a note

It might be nice to be able to freeze parts of a note. Freezing could mean content being un-selectable, and therefore not directly editable. I would assume most would still want links to be updated upon their corresponding note title changing. Outside Obsidian, obviously the files would still be entirely editable. I see it more as something akin to highlighting or boldfacing regions of text; however, not with actual characters like asterisks and equals signs.

I see many use cases; but, for me, one important avenue this would open up is the ability to set up macros that would be able to freeze everything before your cursor as it is leaving a note. I like to let macros copy selections from one note then jump to another, paste, go to next line, then jump back to original note. If I there were functionality to be able to freeze everything before cursor after pasting that content, it would allow me to get creative with ordering and design some specialty abilities using macros in conjunction with clipboard managers.

Anyways to finish describing my example use case, when returning to the note after freezing its beginning portion, just pasting would add that content before frozen content. However, ctrl+right arrow would jump the frozen content like a word returning cursor to after frozen content. Instead, if anyone else is crazy enough to use macros while insert, or overwrite mode is on, they could rest somewhat easier knowing frozen regions of note would be protected and skipped over seamlessly as if the cursor just teleported from before to after that area.

Thanks. Can’t wait to see what’s up next!

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One implementation for illustration/inspiration: https://www.emeditor.com/text-editor-features/more-features/narrowing/

keywords: focus, lock, narrow, restrict

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