Ability to exclude Bookmarks in Quick Switcher

Use case or problem

Before the Bookmarks update I was quite fast finding/opening notes via Quick switcher. A few keystrokes and the desired note is the first result in Quick switcher.

Now, after the Bookmarks update, when I search for a note via Quick switcher, I always have to scan the first 3-5 search results first — because, in my case, those first few results are always Bookmarks that aren’t related to the search query — and see if the desired note is there, and whether I should type a few more characters for it to pop up. Then, once I see the note that I’m interested in in the search results I click the down arrow key a few times to get to it.

I don’t want to delete all my Bookmarks in order to not see any Bookmarks in Quick switcher.

Proposed solution

In Preferences, under “Core plugins” add Bookmarks preferences, and in there add a simple “Show/Pin Bookmarks in Quick switcher” toggle. The design is similar to the Backlinks preferences (please see the screenshot below).

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t have any workarounds, except for deleting all my Bookmarks which is not desirable.

Related feature requests (optional)




I second this feature request. This has also annoyed me for the past few days already.

I’ve started using bookmarks to store questions and a link to the relevant note, this is really annoying when using the quickswitcher, would love to see the option!

Two thumbs up on hiding bookmarks from Switcher.

Tried Settings | Files & Links | Excluded files, but that didn’t work.

They were removed in 1.3.2

Great @WhiteNoise . Is that due for release in near future? Looks like 1.2.8 is latest.

The team doesn’t announce release dates, but 1.3.2 is coming. It’s an Insider (that is beta) build — you can see the releases listed in Announcements - Obsidian Forum.