Ability to drag and drop to rearrange windows in split view

When working with multiple windows in split view, it would be great if I had the ability to drag the windows left and right (or up and down if working with horizontal split view) in order to rearrange them. As it is, rearranging the windows is quite finicky what with having to close and (re)open windows in a specific order to get my desired layout.


You mean in a snapping fashion? Or a pop out fashion?

I often have 3 panes open and want to reorder them. CMD+click the dots at the top could allow you to drag & snap. Or cmd+alt+arrow could swap the panes around.

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I meant in a snapping fashion.

I agree with the cmd+click the dots for dragging, cmd+alt+arrows is already an existing hotkey for navigating back and forward, but any reconfigurable hotkey for swapping panes back and forth would be great!

Yeah, maybe cmd+alt+shift+arrows swaps the position of your active pane with the closest one in that direction.

Is there a key for switching which pane you’re active on?

Also what’s the difference between cmd+arrow & cmd+at+arrow? Just seems like the same back/forward navigation, but one works in edit & the other in preview?

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I’am also missing that.

I agree the process is very finicky.

It’s very difficult, to drag a full vertical unsplit pane to either side of a pane that’s been split horizontally. I’ve only managed to do it once. Obsidian wants to place it some where within the horizontal split.

I’m not sure what the criteria is that sometimes permits it & others does not.

@varian93 I think this feature request is a bit old (implemented in 0.7.0), so I’ll move it to the archive. If you’re having problems with rearranging panes, feel free to open a feature request to suggest improvements.