Ability to create sub pages

I have searched though out the feature request forums but couldn’t see anything that matched this.

I like to have my folder structure rather orginised. Currently I am doing quite a bit of research and finding they are getting quite a bit of a mess.

To attempt to get things in order currently I am creating a folder, then puting underscores on the note name to sticky it to the top. I am then linking to the other notes in the folder using wiki links (while also trying to make sure they are orginised.)

I would like to request the ability to create sub pages.

an example:-

  • Page
    • Sub Page 1
    • Sub Page 2
  • Page2
    • Sub Page 1
    • Sub page 2

In the Vault I can see it’s stored as DIRECTORY/Markdown.

I think this could easily be done.

if you had a page called ‘Video Research’ and you wanted to be able to create subpages, you would right-click on ‘create (sub) page folder’.

This would create a folder in the File system along the lines of ‘Video Research’ or Video Research.md’ (I would suggest .md - as you can have subfolders with the same name already). This would also allow you to handle .md files as a special case.

I would envisage that if a folder has the same name as a page (with the .md prefix), it would allow the ‘target’ page to act as both a page and a folder.

The one issue I can see currently is that the only difference between folders and pages is the expand arrow. If it was a ‘Page Folder’ - perhaps a (page) icon could be added to the start/end of the name).

  • Justin

This is a bit of departure from how Obsidian’s simple files, folders, and built-in file tree work and is likely much more work than you think. There are some design holes and unknowns in this description that could make the coding work significant.

Happily, a key Obsidian principal is extensibility so anyone can build their own views and widgets on top, and many have. Here are a few community plugins that touch a bit on some of the things in your wish list.

Another alternative you might consider is organizing with Maps Of Content as a complement to or even in place of your folder system. Links are first-class in Obsidian, and the combination of simple files and links in index pages provide powerful views into your graph.