Ability to create Filelinks/Tags for the Graph inside Codeblocks

Use case or problem

Im referring to this Links in Admonitions are not displayed in Graph View · Issue #18 · valentine195/obsidian-admonition · GitHub issue regarding filelink creation for graphview inside codeblocks.

The problem is, that Obsidian by default dont look into Codeblocks, so there are no connections created.

Proposed solution

I would highly suggest, that Obsidian opens and cares about the content of specific codeblocks. In the large-number of new plugins which are using codeblocks to specify the behaviour, it would be sufficient to look to the Codeblock-ID (in that case it would be for e.g. ad-info after the three `) and if that is somehow an registered ID by an Plugin, Obsidian could process the content inside these Codeblock as usual markdown (filelink creation, Sections as headings, …).

Since Obsidian somehow redefined the using of codeblocks, it would be a huge improvement for the functions of new plugins.

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround yet.

Related feature requests (optional)

I think this would open new possibilities to the plugin developers


Yes. I also find that the admonition plugin may be the fanciest way to get a block reference with the contents you want to be referred to.

It is very meaningful if a bi-link can be detected. It might change the way people taking notes in obsidian.

I proposed an alternate solution here: Alternate Syntax for Codeblock Plugins

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