Ability to block sync

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Use case or problem

To use obsidian in any corporate environment we need the ability to disable sync and prevent users from enabling. Otherwise, obsidian will not be allowed by most InfoSec teams

Proposed solution

Enterprise version. If you make the cost reasonably low, you’ll get a lot of customers. The InfoSec team should be able to configure whether sync is enabled, and also have the ability to enable specific community plugins (all disabled by default)

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

I see many, many requests for the ability to block the sync feature to allow Obsidian to be used in a corporate environment (and pay for it).

Can we raise the priority of providing a solution that will work for enterprises and satisfy their Info Sec departments? I’d be happy to trial at my company and be happy to work with you on a solution that gets past our Info Sec team.

Tell your IT team to block sync-xx.obsidian.md xx going from 00 to 99

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