A wiki for the community to expand for extra documentation

If you would provide a wiki for the community to contribute into that would probably provide valuable extra documentation over time. Just an example: I just researched how to achieve permalinks in Obsidian. There is a lot of information about that in the net, e. g. in the forum, but there isn’t a central place to collect it.


This is an excellent idea. I see the same questions being posted so often that I make little guides so I can easily copy and paste them rather than have to write out the information again (things like this).

It would be great to have a central place to contribute to.


There is so much information spread all over the web. It should be possible to integrate all this valuable stuff in one place.

I am ok with a classic wiki-style website but would definitely prefer an easy way to acces this, maybe via a “Downlload as Vault” option in github.

This is actually something I wished for on many places…

It already exists

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Unfortunately I have to disagree. Contributing to this hub is a magnitude more work than to a wiki. That scares most people off. This will not thrive the way a wiki could.

I think a wiki should be featured very prominently on the homepage, on par with Discord and the forum.

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Thanks, I didn’t even know this existed.

Thank you for pointing in that direction!

I know right! I agree with u that how the hub setup makes me hesitant a bit to contribute. And I’ve been meaning to do so for months. It’s just that i don’t fully grasp the concept of PR in GH yet.

But i think doing it wiki style may not allow it to be in Obsidian Publish, so that it will throw others off as u dont have backlinks n graph view. Pros n cons.

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