A vault designed for collecting knowledge and task management

Hey there,

I’ve had the fortune of a few slower weeks at work as I wind down a current role before I leave, during which I’ve finally had some time to go deep on Obsidian!

Given I’ve found education and inspiration in vaults others have shared I thought I’d contribute back into the community by sharing where I’ve got to.

Some general notes:

  • I’m trying to build something that achieves a couple of things;
  1. Somewhere to collect and curate knowledge - I read articles, books, LinkedIn posts and they go in one ear and out the other. At minimum I’d like somewhere sensible and searchable to dump thoughts and takeaways, ideally I want to find the time to do some ‘gardening’ and curation (but we will see how that goes).

  2. Somewhere to organise my work life; tasks, meetings, projects, notes etc. In the vault these elements all link together and cross-pollinate so for example, when I look at a Project I can see all related meetings and notes, when I’m looking at a Person note I can see all meetings etc.

  • I’ve juiced the automation in the vault using plugins like Templater, QuickAdd, and Buttons. And third party tools like Espanso and Raycast. I even ended up contributing my first ever pull request to a Github repo (I’m not an engineer by any means!)

  • I’m a designer by trade, so where possible I’ve made CSS tweaks to make it easier on the eye and I’ve used the Banner plugin to add some visual interest!

I’ve recorded a screencast of me clicking around and doing things in the vault here: Obsidian Vault run through - YouTube (video might still be processing for a while)

And you can pull it down from Github and have a play if you want to here: GitHub - mikejongbloet/obsidian-mikejlj-template: A sample of my Obsidian setup

There is some documentation in the vault itself explaining it all a bit more.

Hope it’s helpful to someone!



Thanks so much for this! Your example vault has helped me to learn about many of the obsidian plugin’s, how they operate, and some of the nuances regarding their operation. I really like your overall methodology and workflow of note management and I have cloned and been tweaking your example vault in a few ways to better suit my personal habits/styles. I also have an second vault I a was using for development resources. This could be modified a bit to accomodate that vault as well, shifting this from a daily/task management focus to a more information repository/knowledge base focus. I am still working on my tweaks but I’d be happy to link to them once I’ve finished!

Thanks again, this is a great showcase and very helpful learning resource!

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Nice and easy to follow <3

How do I use this vault though?
Just download everything and apply it to my vault?

(It looks indeed very well sorted. Thanks for sharing.)

I don’t think it would be “just”. You should download it first, and open it up (In Obsidian, “Open another vault”) and look around inside. Test it before you bring any of the elements into your own existing vault.

And it should go without saying, but it doesn’t: Make sure to back up your own vault before making any big changes, or modifying it with other elements you’ve downloaded.

Thank you very much!
I’ll follow your advice and will give this vault a try.