A Trash Bin in the Vault is needed

Create a Trash Bin folder in the Vault by default, “Cmd+Delete”, the notes goes to trash bin directly without having click to confirm, confirmation is only needed when you have to delete the note from the trash bin permanently .


Totally agree we need one of them. I tried to look up if it was easy to use the native trash bin functionality and it turns out to be quite a hassle (we’ll need some native libraries to do it).

Closest idea right now is to create some kind of .trash folder inside the vault and move files there. Since any dot-files are ignored by the vault, it would stop appearing in things like quick switcher and global search.


That could work, just then make a button in the UI that like deletes all the file in .trash to empty it

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I think a trash bin is helpful. I’m fine the markdown file going to the OS’s trash. It would feel more software-agnostic and less like Evernote (which has it’s version of a trash, last I checked). But if that’s more difficult, then I guess a trash can in the vault would be the next best thing.

I would rather not use the OS trash. I like the idea of a reserved trash folder in Obsidian. I think this would be more functional and searchable. There could also be a setting to permanently delete notes after a certain number of days. More similar to email trash folder.

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Need to be careful with that. What if there are multiple files with the same name?

They would be automatically renamed to include a number at the end I think.

You could also reroute the delete to the OS trash can, MacOSX or Windows. Many apps implement this strategy.

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