a.toLowerCase is not a function (using Tag Wrangler to rename)

I have searched the help docs and got zero results on this issue.

I am using latest tag wrangler (0.5.5).

When I try to rename certain tags, I am getting this error message: a.toLowerCase is not a function

For example #dreams and renaming to #dream

Another example is #George to #george

However, by testing the renaming function on other existing tags, it works fine.

I uninstalled the plugin, closed Obsidian, opened and reinstalled but that didn’t fix this issue.

Some of the tags I want to rename have between 50 and 100 occurrences.

I find great value in using tags so hope someone can help! Brad

Check Tag Wrangler’s GitHub issues to see if it’s been reported yet.

In the meantime, rename #George to something else and then rename the something else to #george.

I have no idea why this happens, tho, since it doesn’t involve case.

Thanks, that didn’t work, got the same message.

Have checked github and there is a issue. I have posted my concern there…

Off topic: in Properties it is also difficult to delete back on a stem as well; you need to ESC out to finish editing a value. You noticed? (Try: dreams > dream, to stay with the example.)

“Rename twice” – I saw that somewhere before. :slight_smile: Nifty.

The Tag Wrangler developer, PJ Eby, has issued an update to this plugin which fixed my immediate problem.

He also explained the underlying issue that I need to fix in order to not have problems going forward with the new properties editor.

You can see his full remarks at Renaming produces TypeError: t.toLowerCase is not a function · Issue #51 · pjeby/tag-wrangler · GitHub


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