A suspected bug of obsidian 0.14.2 when generating daily note from templater

今天发现obsidian0.14.2的一个疑似bug。创建日记时使用了第三方模板,创建日记时会得到下图显示的文件,模板代码没有被执行。本日记创建借助obsidian自带的日记 liamcain/obsidian-calendar-plugin 实现,模板使用了Templater
A suspected bug of obsidian 0.14.2 was found today. A third-party template was used when creating a daily note. When creating a journal, you would get the content in the following figure, while the template codes were not executed. This diary creation is implemented with the help of obsidian’s own ‘diary’ and ‘liamcain/obsidian-calendar-plugin’, and the template takes advantage of ‘Templater’.

因为我的obsidian是在0.13版上升级过来的。经过排查,发现是0.14版的user script functions导致的。如下图所示:
My obsidian was upgraded on version 0.13. After investigation, it was found that it was caused by ‘user script functions’ for obsidian 0.14. As is shown in the following figure:

因为我的这些脚本还处于测试阶段,不能成功运行,obsidian依旧检测了它们。它告诉我们parsing error,但是必须明白,这些代码我并没有实际调用。这是不应该的。
Because these scripts were still at testing and couldn’t run successfully, obsidian still checked them. It tells us ‘parsing error’, but it must be understood that I did not actually call the js code.s The checking is unnecessary. As is shown at location 5 in the above figure when the templater folder was cancelled,
the daily note was created again, as shown in the following figure.
Pasted image 20220409223649

Hopefully to get an answer, thank you!

we don’t take bug reports involving third-party plugins. contact the author of the plugin directly.

OK, thank you. However, I presented the issue here because it came up after updating the version of obsidian. I will do as you say. Thank you.