A stream of null characters are added to the end of file while editing


OS: Windows 11
File System: ButterFS, using WinBtrfs driver


I was taking notes as usual, and then suddenly a bunch of null characters get appended to the end of file. Here’s how it looks.

This wasn’t a problem until I started storing my notes in the ButterFS file system. I dual boot my system with Ubuntu and NTFS doesn’t always get auto mounted due to hiberfile.sys or something else, and I usually have to run ntfsfix and remount to get it to work. That is why I started using BtrFS since the driver seemed to have good support on Windows. Everything else is fine except these null characters getting added to my notes.

It showed up a message just before adding those characters that the file was modified externally and the changes were merged. I’m not sure whether this is an issue with Obsidian or with WinBtrfs.

If anyone knows why this could be happening, please lmk. Thanks.

Apparently this was an issue with WinBtrfs. There was another similar issue that they couldn’t replicate, and this could probably help with that.

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