A solution to stitch content from different notes but with title

Things I have tried

  • Installed plugins and explored the internet for solutions
  • Have tried embeds, clean embed etc

What I’m trying to do

  1. Note name: 02-02-23


  • Accomplished xx in my work


  • Climbed Mt Everest


  • Installed Obsidian
  1. In another note called WorkLife

I want to embed above notes Work section but without title 02-02-23

for eg:

Output expected:

  • Accomplished xx in my work
  1. In another note called Passions

I want to embed Passion section but with title same as 1st note’s title


Output expected


  • Installed Obsidian

Please provide some pointers how I can accomplish it.

See this post: "How to achieve" CSS code snippets

There’s a link to a GitHub repository where you can check out the snippets for embeds. If I am understanding correctly, there should be an option there that will help you out.

Good luck!