A sneak peek of an upcoming plugin I've been working on: Callout Manager

Hey everyone! First time poster here, and I’ve been using Obsidian quite a lot for my school notes. There’s a plugin I’ve been working for the past couple of weeks and I wanted to share a quick preview of it with you all as a showcase towards the awesomeness of callouts.

It’s still going to be a while until it’s finished (let alone released on the community plugin browser), but here’s what it offers:

A way to see all the built-in and custom callouts you have available to use.

Callout customizations of your wildest dreams!

There likely isn’t going to a UI for it, but if you’re willing to edit the data.json file, it’s even possible to style callouts to look differently based on the current community theme being used.

And, it also supports Android. (and maybe iOS, but I don’t have a testing device)

For the developers out there, it has an API.
Your own plugins can use Callout Manager to get the entire list of callouts and their current colors and icons. Pretty useful for autocompletion plugins, if you ask me :wink:

That’s all for now!
I have a lot of refactoring to do :slight_smile:


I love this!

Excellent idea! I will install this day one.

Looks great, will be installing this when it’s released.

I like it. What is the estimated release date? And where can we find the source code?