A simple dataview query is not working

This thing is driving me crazy. Before I spend my entire working day on that, I thought I ask here…

This is my note in 30-39 Inputs/35 Events:

And this is the dataview query:
Bildschirm­foto 2023-01-24 um 10.11.02


What am I doing wrong?! :triumph::sob:

where date(2023-01-24)

Does that work?


Unfortunately not. It shows me all files I created on 2023-01-24 in that directory, but not the files which have the value 2023-01-24 in the dataview field “date”.

Apparently, I could find a solution myself:

from "30-39 Inputs/35 Events"
where date = date(2023-01-24)
sort date ASC

One can also replace 2023-01-24 with this.file.name if the note is the daily note with title 2023-01-24.


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