A "select all" command (ctrl A)

Use case or problem

there is no way to select a whole page content

Proposed solution

add a command to command palette (ctrl A by default could be a good option)

Current workaround (optional)

			id: "select-all",
			name: "Select All",
			hotkeys: [{ modifiers: ["Mod"], key: "a" }],
			editorCallback: (editor: Editor) => {
				function toPos(pos: number): EditorPosition {
					return editor.offsetToPos(pos);
				const lastline = editor.lastLine();
				const lastCh = editor.getLine(lastline).length;
					{ line: 0, ch: 0 },
					{ line: lastline, ch: lastCh }

CMD A works on macOS, and I believe CTRL A should work on Windows. Have you tried this in the sandbox vault?


really? ahaha I tried before and it was not working. I was so surprised. I really wonder how? lol
thks I close the topic. at least it was a coding training.
or wait maybe I created a “silly” shortcut, trying a plugin, but it was not telling me it already existed. that’s it.


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