A script for Quickadd plugin to fetch book data into your vault using Google Books!


Based on the movies and series script proposed by @Christian, this script uses Google Books API to fetch data.

If anyone is interested, here is a link to the Github repo of this script, including a tutorial on how to use and install.

If the script helped you and you wish to support :wink: :

Please make sure you understand the script before using it, I’m not a programmer so use with caution !

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If you enjoyed this script, you may also be interested by the script I posted last week, to fetch videogame data into your vault:


This is awesome. Thank You!
The Google Books environment has a much richer set of meta data. Downside is you’ve triggered my interest, I will not get much sleep tonight:)

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Thanks @writtenfool ! If you have been able to try it, I hope it was useful to you :wink:

Hello @JamesKF! Thank you for this exceptional piece of script; I must say, you’ve triggered my interest too, and I’m trying to implement it in my Vault.

Following the instructions, everything seems to be working fine, but when I run the scripts (after choosing title, autor, recommender and comment) this show up:


Should I change some part of the script? I’ve simply copied the “script_googleBooks_quickAdd.js

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @stfrigerio,

I’ve sent you a MP : we can try to solve it there, and I’ll update this thread once we’ve found a solution :wink:


Update : Problem was solved, forgot to update here. To others it may help : load the script from QuickAdd (following instructions on the github page), not from templater.

Update v2.0 :

Due to QuickAdd update 0.5.0, this script now also works on mobile!