A relational map of your life

I love relational mapping because it provides radically different lens of understanding specific spaces than the traditional geographic map. One of the most powerful ways to use Obsidian’s graph view is to create a relational map of the people and places that play a role in your life. I find it a great tool for self-inquiry and for getting an overview of the networks and connections that make up one’s existence.

It can help for

  • understanding around which clusters of individuals and locations your daily life gravitates.
  • reflecting on your relationships and history
  • revealing new paths and connections between people and places of the map you may not have connected before.

For example at the moment my life looks like this:

Cities are in red, water bodies in light blue, natural places in green.
People I know in pink, public figures in dark blue.

Anything you can figure out from my life looking at the graph? :wink:


well nothing out of this world, you probably already have all the tags in your vault

  • a tag for #people with a nested tag #people/public tag for public figures
  • a tag for #place with a nested tags for city, nature, water body, forest, country, continent …
  • a graph view query with what you want to display or not: (tag:#people OR tag:#place) -tag:#place/continent -tag:#place/country

That it, a pretty simple way to get a novel perspective on your life and better understand the networks that make up, well… yourself.