A question for history studies / Zettelkasten Methot

Hello to everyone,

First of all, I apologize for taking up your precious time. I wanted to write to you here because I need your help.

I am not an academic or a teacher. But I am a good book reader. Recently, I have been doing cross-reading, especially on history.

For example, I need to read 14 books for a project called “the world of science in the Middle Ages”. Various scholars, period studies, also fictional novels about the period etc.

And naturally, I have to write a lot of notes about the medieval period, information about war, historical personality. I would like your help to keep these in mind and how to apply them to the zettelkasten system by repeating them periodically.

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There is a spaced repetition plugin that I use for both my literature notes and my zettels. By using it and making sure that my templates have a #review, I am reassured that notes I have long forgotten keep resurfacing periodically. I’m using this for my PhD in ancient cultures.


Can I contact you if you don’t mind?

By all means, go ahead.

@becoolnotfool It might help to clarify what you mean by this, you lost me here.

I’ve been using Zettlekasten Method as my PKM for months now and a book that really helped me set it up running is called “Digital Zettelkasten: Principles, Methods, & Examples”.

It’s a very quick read and would recommend it if you’re going to take Zettlekasten as your permanent PKM.