A process for figuring out what organizational tags I need in my vault!

After about six months of working in Obsidian, I reached the point where it was time to start figuring out some patterns and creating some structure, so that my vault didn’t become an unusable wasteland.

I like to use tags for designating a note’s status, so that I can work at the right level or (when I have undirected free time) go back and find opportunities to make progress.

I built a table and just started opening random notes; if a given note didn’t correspond to a row of the table, I made a new row. I went back in and devised/added the corresponding tags later.

I thought this might be a helpful process for other users; I sometimes see questions about this sort of thing in the Discord, too. In keeping with the (oft-repeated and, in my experience, correct) advice to not do too much organizing or structuring right away, I don’t recommend copying my specific rows. Instead, I recommend making whatever notes you want for a while and then devising your own rows, rooted in the notes you already have, and repeating the process occasionally.

Anyway, here’s the header row of the table, followed by some example rows of mine:

Note type Right now, I think this note is… In the future, I hope it’s… Because in the meantime, I want to… Subtypes or variants on this note