A plugin to toggle a list item through all possible Bullet Journal states

Currently, Cmd+enter would preface a line with a normal list bullet point and activating the same shortcut would toggle it between unchecked and checked task list.

Is there a plugin somewhere that would toggle through the following?

  • "- " list item
  • “- [ ]” unchecked task
  • “- [/]” In progress task
  • " - [x]" checked task
  • “@” event

I was able to hobble something like this for the Drafts app, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of how to create a plugin for Obsidian.
I hope someone can help, either pointing me to a plugin or to Obsidian documentation that shows how I can take the currently active/selected lines, and make regex changes.


GitHub - argenos/hotkeysplus-obsidian: Adds hotkeys to toggle todos, ordered/unordered lists and blockquotes in Obsidian has a hotkey that will toggle through list, unchecked, checked but not the other two.


oh that was perfect!

Although the plugin didn’t do everything I needed it to do, I was able to tinker with the code to include all the task-states and bullet journal symbols I needed.


Can you share the code?
I wish to be able to use all the states, and also if theres a way to include ‘>’ or ‘<’ to postponed or preponed tasks.

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this does a good job at it:

toggling checklist’s hotkey for first time turns it to a check box. after that it toggles it between checked and unchecked which is very handy. also hitting hot key for toggling bullet list twice will change check box to bullet list again. the cool thing about it is that there is no need for selection and it by default it changes the whole block.


would also be interested in the code snippet and maybe some insights :slight_smile: