A plugin to display basic information about the Bitcoin Network

:disguised_face: tl;dr

Hey everyone! I really love Obsidian, but unfortunately I don’t know how to write plugins and code in general. I would like to ask someone active to write a simple plugin to display information about the state of the Bitcoin network, which would parse data from one single site:

I will also be happy to pay 100,000 sats (0.001 btc) via :zap:Lightning Network as a thank you!

:bulb: The Idea

I’m not good at creating plugins and writing code, but I’d like to see a plugin for Obsidian that would give some basic information about the state of the Bitcoin network. Such plugin would be very useful for many bitcoiners, many of whom I know use Obsidian.

I decided to write this post asking an interested developer to create a basic (and super simple) plugin that would parse information from the service: Dashboard | Clark Moody Bitcoin and automatically add that information to a note.

I was thinking that instead of just a timestamp in the daily notes metadata, I’d like to see the Bitcoin block height at the time I create a new note, and maybe some other info (sats per dollar, blocks to halving, etc)

:sparkles: Examples

As I said, the plugin could be very simple and just output the information by replacing a certain tag with data from the service above. Here is an example of how it could look like:

We could add a tag like it’s done in the Templater plugin: let’s say %blockheight% would be automatically replaced in a new note with the block height information from the Dashboard | Clark Moody Bitcoin service.

Of course, you could go beyond just the block height information, but I don’t know how hard it would be to add all the parameters of the service this way. That’s why I will describe the most interesting parameters from this service that I would like to add to notes:

  • Block Height | %height%
  • Blocks to Halving | %halving%
  • Sats per Dollar | %moscowtime% (it’s a local meme)
  • $ Price (someone will definitely find this useful too) | %price%
  • Supply: Percentage Issued | %supply%
  • Days Since ATH | %sinceATH%
  • Blockchain: Chain Size | %chainsize%
  • Hashrate | %hashrate%
  • Difficulty | %diff%
  • Reachable Bitcoin Nodes | %nodes%
  • Lightning Network Capacity | %ln_capacity%
  • Lightning Network Nodes | %ln_nodes%
  • Lightning Network Channels | %ln_channels%

The Dashboard | Clark Moody Bitcoin consists only of public network data and nothing else, so I don’t think this information will be hard to get from there, but I’m not 100% sure.

:memo: Final word

This is my first post on the forum, so I might have made a mistake somewhere or written something wrong, but I tried to take into account the rules and describe my idea in detail. I will be glad to read any comments, even if you are not interested in the plugin itself.

P.S. :wave: to all bitcoiners here

About what it might look like in a note:

In a template:

blockheight: %height%
satsdollar: %moscowtime%
size: %chainsize%


blockheight: 827689
satsdollar: 2384
size: 618,3 GB
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This is not exactly what you described but it might inspire you. Hope it helps.