A plugin that uses GPT to generate text if you pause writing for more than five seconds

I want to write quickly without thinking to get a first draft out. Sometimes, I pause for some seconds when I’m overthinking. What if there was a plugin that generated a sentence or paragraph based on the previous writing if you paused for five seconds of more?

Something like the opposite of the Dangerzone writing plugin.


That’s a really interesting idea! Especially for creative writing, it’d make writing a lot more ‘adventurous’. Sit there thinking for two long, and your note forms a mind of its own and tries to take the story in its own direction. I like it!


Or perhaps instead of the 5 second “grace period”: GPT generates text based on the already written text when I press a short cut for “I’m stuck. GPT, help me and be creative!”

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I’ve been using this plugin that’s recently been released, companion, and it’s very similar to what your requesting.

It’s been super amazing for me so far! You pause for a few seconds, and it will suggest text that you can either dismiss or generate by pressing tab. And it takes suggestions from other notes in the vault, it’s super cool! I had a note about my antagonist’s history for a book I was writing, and when I was writing on that same antagonist’s “main article” page, it was suggesting a lot of useful implications to his personality just based on the backstory notes. Not all of them were smart implications, but they gave me cool ideas. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of free tokens, but that was such a good plugin!

Would not recommend companion, it seems to send two requests everytime you stop typing, and it sends your entire note which comes out to a metric shit ton of tokens, I managed to accrew a 50c cost from OpenAI in only 2 hours (compared to ~15c a month), and looking from the comment the guy above me went through all his free tokens, which expire in a month and you get $18, so he must’ve gone through $18 in less than a month.

There are other plugins that do similar things like AI Commander or Text Generator, you just have to manually activate them but in return you end up only paying a couple cents a month to openAI for access to GPT

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I didn’t think that it was Companion that spent the tokens so quickly, but after hearing all that, I’m convinced it most likely was. I only used Companion for three days, but before then I had been using other AI plugins.

So, yeah, probably don’t use Companion.