A plugin or plugins for book writing

I tried to search for a plugin or plugins that could facilitate book writing. Writing a book is not like writing a note in a single Markdown file. There are many more things need to be considered, such as table of contents, cross referencing of tables, figures, and equations, and so on.

To be specific, the plugin or plugins should have the following features:

  1. Generating a table of contents file
    No plugin yet.

Generating a table of contents file based on all chapter files. The headings in the table of contents file should be linked to the headlings in the chaper files, just like what we didi in MS word.

A previous post showed that Dataview could obtain a table of contents from chapter files (see this link). However, it not a real table of contents file. It could not be showed in “outline”, it not linked to headlings in the chaper files.

  1. Auto numbering the headings in Chapter files.
    This could be done by the Number Headings Plugin.

  2. Auto numbering tables, figures, and equations.
    No plugin yet.

  3. Add captions for tables or figures.
    For figures, the Obsidian Image Caption can do it. But for tables, no plugin yet.

  4. Cross referencing tables, figures, and equations.
    No plugin yet.

  5. Citation and bibliography
    This can be done by Zotero and three obsidian plugins: Citation + Pandoc Plugin+ Pandoc Reference List.

To summarize, there are cirtical plugins are lacking for the academic writing, and more useful plugins are needed.

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I am pretty sure Longform solves this:

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Thank you for your advice. This plugin is suitable for combining chapter files into a single file. But for academic writing, many other features, say a dynamic table of contents, auto-numbering tables/figures/equations, and cross-referencing, are still lacking.