A Plugin for Defining Custom State of Task Items!

Hi guys, just published the Custom State for Task List.


Also, please don’t hesitate to give me a star if you like this!

This plugin is inspired by my task management method: basically, besides the two default states of task item in obsidian (done and not done), i also defined the following states to help me focus on critical tasks while not losing the records:

  • new
    • A task that potentially needs to be done
  • committed :arrow_right: :pushpin:
    • You have decide to do this task some day
  • doing :arrow_right: :construction:
    • You are currently working on this task
  • done
    • Done!
  • deferred :arrow_right: :sleeping:
    • The completion of this task is postponed
  • removed :arrow_right: :wastebasket:
    • The task is removed

looks nice, but the tasks plugin has this kind of capability, as do other plugins like task collector. difference is that they use the checkbox and a single character. haven’t tried, but am i missing something?

Yes, both the tasks and task collector have similar capability. The difference is that the Custom State plugin takes a minimalistic approach with an intuitive interface and the ability to easily customize how different states are rendered.

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