A plug-in that helps me remember people I met before


Here is my Obsidian plug-in idea - when I read a Google Nest article, the app shows a Google Nest employee I met before but am about to forget. See the GIF above.

I meet lots of people online for my business. But I forget most of them even though I take notes about them. So my network does not grow as time goes by.

I’m considering building a browser extension that shows people I met before alongside the text being read in my browser. It shows the profiles only when (1) I am about to forget them (a kind of spaced repetition) and (2) their profiles or interests are contextually aligned with the text (contextual relevance).

This browser extension might give considerable value to salespeople, hiring managers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who take lots of notes about people in Obsidian.

Do you need this app?

If so, why do you need it, or why you don’t?

What’s your current alternative method (e.g., using CRM and reviewing records regularly)?