A Path Parsing Bug

I’m an individual user and, in my first attempt, Obsidian seemed to meet my needs perfectly. However, I encountered an issue. I have two work devices, and I tried creating a vault on Device 1 with the structure shown in the image below. I imported .md documents and images into a whiteboard. When I moved the entire vault to Device 2, a problem arose. The file paths couldn’t be found, even though the files existed in the corresponding paths.

PS: The two devices are running Windows and Mac, respectively.

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Moved to help for not following the bug report.
Also looking at the screenshot, the paths are not the same. I think, you put your vault from Device 1 in a subfolder of the vault in device 2

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Thank u for your response!

I’d like to provide some additional information regarding the question. In the scenario described, a screenshot is created on Device 1, then transferred to Device 2 for editing and updates, and finally returned to Device 1. The migration process involves compressing the entire repository into a zip file, copying it to the new device, and then decompressing it. However, upon loading the repository in Obsidian, there is an issue indicating that the corresponding path cannot be found. Interestingly, double-clicking on the reference path within the whiteboard successfully opens the file, indicating that the file path is indeed correct.

Throughout the entire process, there is only one repository. Additional content was created on Device 1, transferred to Device 2 for editing, and then returned to Device 1.

Post a screenshot of both devices showing the full obsidian window.

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