A not-plugin for time frame based journals

Hi there, new user. First off let me say that this is a majorly impressive piece of software. Second, this isn’t exactly a plugin per-say, rather an external program that could work well with certain use-cases.

I’ve been using multiple daily journals for a while via my own set of tools for journaling. It basically uses systemd services to create markdown journals based off templates and currently opens them in kakoune at specified times(daily and weekly) and cycles the files through different directories for a time frame.

It currently uses a cache style directory structure, where journal entries are separated by a time span, which could be made optional. I only use it to make it easier to explore a given time frame via ranger

I wouldn’t mind moving my journal-tools project to obsidian (first thing I did after figuring out its use case was check to see if it had command line options).

I would need a command line interface though, at the very least some way to launch a specific file. the alternative is is adding moving the journals older than a year(or time frame x) into your vault and figuring out some automated way to integrate it into your existing note system. any ideas how that might work?

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A vault is a directory and notes are text files (.md). So you should be able to create script(s) to do what you want.

well, yeah. I can’t launch them via obsidian though, launching the appimage via a command opens the vault menu. Tried passing the filename afterwards, no change in behavior.

Ya, just thinking of a stop-gap solution.

I’m pretty sure this will be solved by version 1, when the API comes.