A newbie here: How to change folder of existing vault, or how to have all my extensions and settings of my existing vault in a new vault

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Hi, I am new to Obsidian, coming from Roam.
I want to have all the plugins and setting of my present vault in a the new vault.
In other way, can I just can the folder destination for my current vault, so that I no need to install all the plugins and make changes every time I create a new vault.
I want to maintain same plugins and settings in all my vaults.

Just move your vault folder - including the hidden .obsidian folder, which contains all plugins, settings, etc. to your desired destination. Then, from within obsidian, open your folder as a new vault.


Thanks for your reply; imho: if I add new plugin I have to copy for every vault the .obsidian folder? Usually I don’t create a new vault, but I open existing folder. Yes, I can duplicate the .obsidian folder for every vault I open and update it every time, but it seems to me a bit “problematic”

hi @lucasimp

Yep, if you add it to one vault it doesn’t automatically get added to any others so you would need to copy the .obsidian folder to any vault(s) you want that plugin added to, or add it via the plugin menu of the vault that doesn’t yet have it.

For just a plugin I think all you would need to copy over is the “community-plugins.json” file and the folder of the newly added plugin but it is easier to just copy the whole .obsidian folder. However be aware that if you do copy the whole .obsidian folder you will also copy and other configuration changes and styles and themes etc.

This happens because Obsidian keeps each vault separate which is good if you want different settings per vault, but for most vaults I want the same things. I wish they would make an option for a vault to use a different vaults settings but there currently isnt one.

LinuxMint here:
I’ve two vaults. One .obsidian I deleted and created instead a symlink to the seond vault. Up to now w/o any (unwanted) side effects.

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