A new plugin for creating & displaying customized SVG Icons

I’ve just released a plugin for creating & displaying customized SVG Iconoir Icons in one’s notes.

Here are a couple of basic examples. More screenshots and examples are available in the repository.

CleanShot–{Obsidian}-(README-repo - MASTER - Obsidian v1.1.12)–2023-02-09-09.53.51

This is the 1st released version (beta) of this plugin and I am looking for more testing before possibly submitting it to the community plugins.

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

You can read more about the plugin here:

can some Hacking my personal information through these Plugins

Yes, NO plugin is guaranteed to be 100% secure. Having said that, most plugins are open source and anyone can audit the source code. There are many forum threads that discuss the same concerns.