A new note is - still - called “Unbennant” in the German version

Whenever I open a new note, the title is “unbennant”, but the correct spelling is “unbenannt”. This bug was filed before by another user but closed. But it’s still in v0.12.19 for MacOS, I just downloaded it and couldn’t stand seeing this so I went straight here …

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I updated Obsidian and the title “unbennant” is still a pain in the eye.

We don’t take translation bugs. Contribute here: GitHub - obsidianmd/obsidian-translations: Help translate Obsidian into your language.

Actually, the newest translations have just been pulled into the main app in 0.13.x - updating the app should fix this!

Thank you very much!
Now, I use the 0.13.x-version and it’s fine.