A MacOS app to capture certain incoming emails

What I’m trying to do

I am implementing a basic CRM in Obsidian and hoping I can find a MacOS app that will automatically capture all incoming emails from a selected list of email address into an Obsidian referenceable form. this feels like an App that this community might know about. (I tried, but failed for find any such app.) Ideally these email would be captured locally so they could be referenced even after the email account no longer exists.

The only solutions I can imagine would involve scripting and a patchwork of different apps. E.g., you might be able to achieve this with a local mail app that provides mail rules (Postbox? MailMate?), that triggers on the recipients you’re referring to and sends the file to DEVONthink for conversion to markdown. You could probably do the markdown conversion in script, too, and skip the DEVONthink step.

Thank Ryan. this felt like something that a local-first CRM might do for me. But I cannot seem to find a local-first CRM ???

In lieu of this, I guess I will AppleScript the mail client to search for all emails associated with an address. This has many disadvantages, but at least the emails will still look ok… this is quite important for emails chains with back and forth replies with embedded text.

UGH! I just assumed someone would have provided a local CRM I could manipulate.

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If you know DEVONthink you might want to take a look at this script I wrote which might do what you want: Auto-import new mail to DEVONthink - Automation - DEVONtechnologies Community

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