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So maybe I am just stupid, but it would appear that the Discord app is not legit. Basically took my information, and then refuses to let me do anything, even though I logged in successfully once, and joined the obsidian discord group, which said I had no permission to post, even though I was in, and to verify the account, which I had, which is now broken, and fails to recognize me, and refuses to send a link to get verified. I paid for the $100 teir to access the ios beta, but doesnt look like that is going to happen, since the above. Maybe there should be a class on how to get setup to get setup.

Are you able to access the Obsidian discord server?

Problem is I don’t even know what that means. I did realize that the username was being filled incorrectly from my bitwarden vault and so got my badge (I don’t know what that means), and then got in to the discord app again. I am now able to post, so I guess I have the original problem solved. I am not sure what benefit there is to having both a forum and a discord, which appears to be another forum. How about a facebook, and a snapchat, and perhaps any and every other social media like entity? I really don’t like social media. I thought that it would be worth it to VIP so I could gain access to the mobile beta. As of now, I am planning on not even trying it out. The first thing I read was that I can’t use dropbox in ios for my vault with the ios app.

So you have access now?

Discord is not a forum, it’s chat like app.

Stafan, I understand your frustration but I think there are some underlying misunderstandings here.

It seems that you got VIP simply as proxy to get the app.
VIP is not “paywall” for the mobile app.
Obsidian Catalyst is a program primarly for supporting Obsidian development.
The mobile app is still in beta and VIP/supporters get to help in the develpment IF they want to (hence the need for the chat & the forum).

All these things are explained here:



How can he get the app without access to Discord?

He can’t but I think he managed to get access.

yes, thank you.

I do not have the app. Ultimately I am not worried about that, and I am happy to support the development of it, even if I do not take advantage of the beta. Obsidian itself is quite a lot to learn. Immediately having to get involved in another chat app, etc. is what is frustrating. Anyway, thanks for the responses.

did you get access to discord and to the #mobile channel?

if you need help getting the app, contact me.

I understand your frustration. I had not previously used Discord either. Yes it is and was another app to learn, but like here, there is a wealth of information! There are things that overlap here and many things you you won’t find here. I not unlike you, would prefer one place to get it all. The reality being, a choice made and already in implementation by the developers. I support their decisions as well as the app development. The developers are very active there, as well as here.

Good luck with your ventures in Discord as well as with Obsidian.

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I’m not enamored with the Discord experience. Too much chatty discourse to cut through to the nuggets. The #mobile channel hasn’t sent me over the edge, yet. But I do prefer the Forum. YMMV!

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