A little confused about Obsidian Publish prices

When I click on the “Buy” button of the Obsidian Publish page I see this:

When I get 50% off (as described on the landing page of Obisidian Publish) and the cost for one month is $8 than you should expect to pay $48 a year in place of $96.

How comes the Publish subscription at the bottom of the page shows $192 (for 1 site)which is $16 per month?
With the 50% discount this still comes to a price of $96 which is the cost of a ‘normal’ Publish contract…

I also picked up some post where ‘lifetime’ is mentioned. I do not see this on the website?

I am definitely missing something here :frowning:
Thanks for the feedback

the cost for publish is $16, early bird $8. 8x12=96