A lighter webapp framework

Does the Obsidian team plan to stay on the Electron framework for the foreseeable future, or are there considerations to eventually move to a different, less resource intensive framework?

While I love the software UX, it pains me to see it consume so much memory when I’m on a memory-constrained older PC (moving to modern hardware is not an option for me, unfortunately). Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I’m used to notes apps that consume only 2MB of memory (e.g., Delphi-based ones like KeyNote), not 200MB.

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Looks like I’m not alone in pushing to move to a lighter framework: Move away from electron · Issue #118308 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub

Three quick notes:

  1. The various web app frameworks are not a drop-in replacement for electron and all of them are not “mature” yet.
  2. Changing the underling framework we use is going to be a titanic effort at this point.
  3. I am skeptical of the performance/memory improvements.