A keybind for "Open in Default App"

Right now the only way to open a file in the default app, as far as I can tell, is to click the meatball icon and then select the option. It’s not even available in the action menu. It’d be great to have a keybind to be able to quickly open the file in a default app.

Edit: This is now possible! Thanks to @Vinadon for pointing it out.


+1 to the ability to easily open a linked file in the default app.

I have several notes with associated PDFs that are placed within my vault, and the current way of opening these in an external PDF viewer is rather inconvenient.

The only workaround I found is to use ![[file]] and then click the icon in the right top corner of the “displayed” PDF in view mode (which is just the filename in large bold letters), but this creates a huge display area for each PDF.

Perhaps a global setting / plug-in for “open all files in default app” is a possibility? This should of course only apply to files linked via [[file]] and not ![[file]].

Other suggestions for nifty shortcuts to open an attached PDF in the default app?

Its possible, take a look under Hotkeys in settings.

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