A Guide To Plugin Development For Obsidian?

As an aspiring plugin developer I wanted find out the basic documentation on how to develop basic plugins for Obsidian .
The only two resources I could find are :-

Both of these links layout the basic functions , how to get started , how to upload to the community plugins page , etc.

However I have some Other questions about Obsidian:-

  • To what extent can a plugin add functionality to the core of obsidian .
  • can a plugins intercept a core obsidian function and add its process over it or completely replace it ?
    -does obsidian support web assembly?
    -does obsidian allow developers to create plugins which interact with third party apis ( eg :- using google api to embed google maps view into a note)
  • lastly, (theoretically) since obsidian is able to understand html and JavaScript is it possible to render web-pages in obsidian and interact with it?

That’s a great starting point.

  1. I can’t think of any limits right now, except maybe something Electron related.

  2. Check out this https://github.com/pjeby/monkey-around

  3. Yes and no. There might be some issues you’d face because Google prevents access over non-browsers for authentication for example. Check this out https://github.com/HEmile/obsidian-search-on-internet


What about Web-assembly support?
Integration with third party apis (eg - gmaps/ openstreetmaps)?

Obsidian uses Wasm itself, I think I haven’t seen any plugin resort to it though. I don’t know enough about it to give a good answer.

For integration with third party APIs, I don’t see an issue. There are already a lot of plugins that do that, just browse the community plugins.

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