A green arrow shows on top left of my screen when typing Chinese

Steps to reproduce

When launching the app, and type any Chinese characters in any input colums.

Expected result

Some possible Chinese words related to what’s typing should be shown below the input colum.

Actual result

But after a flash, words waited to be chosen move to the top left of my screen along with a small green arrow shows up.


  • Operating system:
    Windows 10 20H2
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

I have tried to find out if there is any apps that steal windows foucs by using monitor software and by stopping services, but I can not find any other apps steal the foucs.
I have tried to re-install Obisidian and Windows, but the issue still happens.
And when I switch to another app and switch back to Obsidia, the issue disappeared.

This green arrow box is not part of Obsidian. You need to figure out how to disable it on your system.

If this link doesn’t happen, search for “绿色箭头拼音”, there are plenty of results and solutions.


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