🤪 A funny little emoji bug

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type in an emoji such as :+1:t3:
  2. Use arrow-left to move the cursor to the left of the emoji
  3. Try to insert any character

Expected result

To see the character I’ve typed

Actual result

Weird change of color of emoji and extra “box” character


  • Operating system: MacOS 10.15.7
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.3

Additional information


unable to replicate. same environment.

LATER EDIT: bug present when skin color is modified on emoji.


What are you using as the emoji picker? The box that appears just faintly at the top of the GIF?

@EdElgar is the default macos Emoji picker

found out that grapheme cluster are not supported

left Obsidian - right TextEdit

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I’m using the emoji picker with the default shortcut (CTRL-⌘-SPACE to pop it up)

But if it’s just me, I don’t know, maybe it’s something about the keyboard I’m using (?)


was able to replicate based on second screen capture - @akaalias used an emoji with different skin color.

so emoji modifiers are not supported. maybe related to grapheme cluster ?

Oops, yes. Sorry.

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No need to apologize! It’s a good question, how should you have known?

Actually learned a Mac trick from you after all these years – I always use character viewer mode for that control and never paid attention that there was an option to use an insertion mode like you showed in your images above. Works similar to on iOS. Cool :nerd_face:

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