A few basic questions and maybe feature requests

I’m just starting out…

  1. Let’s say i want to make a link to a new file, so I used [[ and type the name. How do I then with a keyboard get out of the drop down and be on the other side of the closing brackets. Obviously right arrow, right arrow would work, but in some programs Tab would. But in this case if there is something showing in the dropdown, Tab selects that thing which i may not want if i am making a different file name.

  2. Is there a keyboard way to autocomplete a Tag?

  3. When I click on a Tab, is there a way to open the list of tagged things on the right, not on the left? I don’t like it messing up the search, but i guess the Tag is nothing but a search?

  4. When i click the magnifying glass to search, i want to start typing right away but the search box does not have focus. Is this a bug?

  5. There is no little x to clear out the search box (feature request)

  6. An underscore to start a file name (which many of mine do as part of tagging approach), it should not be treated as markdown in a link. Everything inside the square brackets is file name, markdown is outside the square brackets

  7. I am interested in the “Andy Matuschak mode” CSS to make additional side panels. How do i install this, just copy it into the obsidian.css?

  8. Themes - there are so many and it is hard to tell what features they might have. I like the ones where Tags pop a bit more, Headings are not too big, and it is clean looking both in Light and Dark - any recommendations?

  9. Is there a way to may an Alias of a page name for linking?


  1. If I understand right, you just want to close the dropdown menu because you don’t want to link any existing note that is proposed? Then just use the escape key.
  2. Press Enter to autocomplete.
  3. Yeah, as you search for a tag by clicking on it, you obviously cannot escape it being shown in the search result pane…
  4. Actually you’re right, I realized - but use keyboard shortcut instead for searching, that will put the focus on the search field!
  5. Why do you want to clear it? Either you start another search - then the content is replaced; or you change back to the file explorer anyway… (for this, however, it would be really cool to have a keyboard shortcut; currently, you can only do it by using the mouse - or did I miss anything?).
  6. That’s not a question, I guess…!?
  7. In principle: yes - search the forum for it
  8. Actually you can configure it all by yourself - but you have to dig a bit into css…
  9. [My alias](the real link)
  1. To link to another note using alias

Thanks for some of the answers @alltagsverstand !

Escape is good, i wanted to end up after the close double bracket.

When you hit the magnifier, the content in search is not highlighted to starting to type does not replace.

I have searched on the Andy and found descriptions of it and changes to it, but not actually now to install it. I will look again. On themes, I am not a CSS person, so was just looking for some recommendations.

On 9, i wanted the Alias to be “permanent” so whenever I went to use the file, the alias could be linked, but i guess that is not possible.


On 3: You should be able to drag the sidebar elements to different sides. E.g., click and drag the Search magnifying glass. Same goes for the hashtag symbol.

On 4, 5, and 6, note that feature requests made in this way will be ineffective. It’s better to create a separate, atomic thread for each request. I would do that with each of these, if you don’t mind.

Yes, agree. I wasn’t sure if they were feature requests, bugs, or my lack of knowledge!

On 3, as i understand tags more… i think what I am asking is for clicking on tags to create it’s own “widget”, not reuse the file search widget. I am not sure if that idea would make sense. I am still finding my way with Obsidian, so thanks!

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Sure, that would probably be another feature request!

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