A favourite list or bookmark function in Community plugins page

I did some search and yet to find similar request. As the library of community plugins is growing larger, I hope there would be a “bookmark” or “start” system to let user mark down the plugins that they are interest but yet to try for a later day, or just simply keep a list of favourite plugins and let me export and carry to other vault as reference.

Use case or problem

Many times I come across a plugin that seems interesting, but don’t have time to try at that moment. Often then when I have time later, I already forgot the name of that plugin.

Proposed solution

  • Basic idea: add a “start” button for each plugin in the community plugins page.
  • Advance idea: let user organise the plugin page into different user-defined lists like “must-have”, “try later” and so on.
  • More advance suggestion: let user export and share the list of plugin links.

you might like (see 8. 9. & 10.)…
Better Plugins Page for Obsidian (BRAT or manual install) plugin (not a page)

Key Features

  1. Filter and Sort: Seamlessly filter and sort community plugins based on criteria such as download count and last update date, allowing you to find plugins that match your preferences more efficiently.
  2. Hide/Show Plugins: Customize your plugins page by hiding or showing specific plugins. This feature allows you to declutter your interface and focus on the plugins that matter most to you.
  3. Hidden Plugins List: Maintain a list of hidden plugins, which can be easily managed through the Obsidian settings. This list ensures that you can control which plugins are displayed and which remain hidden.
  4. Toggle Visibility: Quickly toggle the visibility of hidden plugins, giving you the flexibility to show or hide them on demand.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin integrates seamlessly with the Obsidian user interface, providing clear buttons and icons for hiding, showing, and filtering plugins. It enhances the default Obsidian plugin management experience.
  6. Filter by Updated Time: you can easily filter community plugins based on their last update date.
  7. Filter by User Download Count: Gain insights into the popularity of community plugins by filtering them based on their download count. This feature enables you to discover plugins that are widely used and trusted by the Obsidian community.
  8. Saved plugin, Save your favorite plugins and access them conveniently within Obsidian. Keep a curated list of plugins that enhance your productivity and creativity.
  9. Filter by Saved Plugin, Only see your favourite plugins
  10. Plugin note, Add notes and annotations to plugins for easy reference. Keep track of your thoughts, tips, and ideas related to each plugin. If you don’t want this feature, you can turn this off in the plugin setting tab.

As a more simple approach, I would suggest to just install the plugin you are potentially interested in, but not yet activate it if you are not ready to test it. It will take a little disk space, but not tax your system performance in any way.

Then, Obsidian is a note taking program at its core. You could create a note that lists the name of the plugin and add a tag to keep track of it.