A Demo Vault with some opinions and a complete guide for getting started

I wrote a demo vault, and a ~10k word post on getting started with Obsidian.

You might be interested in the vault and guide if:

  • you want a resource to start using Obsidian, or to give to someone else
  • you would like a guide on simple workflows for journaling, self-organization, note-taking, project management, and storing memes in a memes database
  • you want a guide to plugins that solve minor paper cuts, or to take a look at my .obsidian.vimrc
  • you write LaTeX and want to improve the experience
  • gotta read something on the toilet and you’re trolling the Obsidian User Forum, why not this?

The guide does not cover using Obsidian in more complex ways (anything with Dataview or writing custom scripts).

Would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Hi! I figured I’d give you some feedback since I just tried it out.

I stumbled across this because I need to demo Obsidian to a company for an interview. Instead of making everything myself, I figured I’d see if someone else has something built out that I can use or modify for use.

Well, I tried to use yours and decided not to. It has a really good overview front page, but that’s about it. I was expecting something more functional that would allow play with some of the features (both core and community) within the demo environment. I was hoping for examples of their major features (canvas & graph viewing), but they don’t exist.

Also, your theme is a little difficult to navigate if you’ve never used Obsidian before. I couldn’t open your side bar without F3, and then discovered I can’t click into the vault/settings without using the navigation bar along the top. I am, however, also fairly new to Obsidian (about 3 months in) so maybe I am ignorant to some other way to access this info. Also, all of your folders seem to be empty.

For anyone else who may stumble across this: I’d suggest reading his “Getting Started with Obsidian” in his Github. You could download it, but it would probably be better to create a new vault and read along instead.